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EU-Africa committed to Paris agreement

“The European Union and the African Union reaffirm their strong commitment to full implementation of the Paris agreement, and call on all partners to keep up the momentum created in 2015,” – says the  EU-African Union Joint Communiqué on the Implementation of the Paris Agreement.

“Ahead of the COP23 in November they pledge to work together to finalise the Paris Agreement work programme. Climate change and renewable energy will figure on the agenda of the upcoming Africa-EU Summit in Abidjan on 29/30 November. This will be an opportunity to confirm the strong solidarity with those most vulnerable to climate change and the determination to work together to build strong and sustainable economies and societies resilient to climate change. The European Union and the African Union reaffirm their commitment to continuing to address the adverse effects of climate change on human and animal health, natural ecosystems and other social and economic impacts that threaten our developmental gains as a global community.”

EU on clashes in south of Libya

“The clashes and escalation of violence in the south of Libya endanger the political process and put Libyan citizens’ lives at risk, ” – says the  statement of the European External Action Service.
“Libyans deserve peace and stability, and expect all sides to refrain from violence and take measures to de-escalate the tense situation. Libya’s political crisis can only be solved through negotiation between all stakeholders based on a willingness to compromise and by putting the interests of Libyans first.”

“The United Nations remains the framework through which the international community continues to support Libya’s political settlement. The European Union is determined to continue supporting this process, including through the Libya Quartet with the United Nations as well as the African Union and the Arab League.”

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