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May visits Brussels in hope to save deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to pay visit  to European leaders, and European Commission, seeking flexibility to introduce changes to her Brexit deal in a crucial attempt to save it, after postponing a vote that she admitted would fail to approve the deal. (Image above: illustration).

There is a clear interest of the EU to support May in her attempt to save the deal, because ‘hard’ Brexit without agreement would equally hit both EU27 and the UK, furthermore it would significantly add to unpopularity of the bloc, blamed rigidity and incapacity to serve people’s interest, saving jobs, while prioritising ideological concept of Four freedoms over daily life of people.

AMENDED: At her arrival to Brussels EU Council building (around 5PM Brussels time), Prime minister May did not stop for a ‘doorstep’ comments for press, but swiftly passed to the meeting rooms.

EU27 foreign ministers hope for orderly Brexit

Although officially Brexit is not on the Foreign ministers Council agenda, and it can’t be, because until the end of March 2019 the UK is a full-fledged member-state of the bloc, – many urgent issues of international agenda fade overshadowed by concerns of ‘hard Brexit“.

“This is the best deal we can have,” Spain Foreign minister Josep Borrell told press at doorstep of the meeting. “This is the best deal and approving this deal would be a good thing, but for sure it’s up to them.” His opinion is an echo of the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, who repeatedly warned that those, who hope for ‘better deal‘ would be disappointed: “that is The Deal“, he said.

Gilbert & George as Guests of Honour at Brussels Fine Art Fair

Brussels Fine Art Fair (BRAFA) will welcome Gilbert & George as Guest of Honour of its upcoming edition at Tour & Taxis in Brussels, 26 January – 3 February 2019.

In the half century that they have lived and created art together as Living Sculptures, embarked on a visionary journey through the modern world, always together and always alone, Gilbert & George have created fiercely singular Anti-Art that is poetic, primal and emotionally driven.

At BRAFA 2019, they will present five large-scale pictures that will be placed at various spots throughout the fair. Personally selected by Gilbert & George, there are from the recent series ‘JACK FREAK PICTURES’ (2008), ‘LONDON PICTURES’ (2010), ‘SCAPEGOATING PICTURES’ (2013) and ‘BEARD PICTURES’ (2016). Their quirky vision of the world is sure to be a hit in the land of surrealism!

With the support of Galerie Albert Baronian.

Madrid agrees to Brexit deal ending Gibraltar raw

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez made a statement on Gibraltar, ending the 11-hours long drama over the Rock, in his speech he explained the significance of the territory for Spain. However he started his announcement with a declaration of the Brexit Summit, taking place in Brussels tomorrow, and agreement of his government  to endorse Brexit deal.



Europarliament Human Rights week

The European Parliament is organising a week of events for the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A High Level Conference will focus on how to integrate human rights in business, sustainable development and external actionBetter social security for cross-border workers is on the table. The aim is to allow them to receive unemployment benefits and health services even when they’ve changed country. (Image above: Catalan protests).

Members vote to better protect whistle-blowers acting in the public interest. They would have legal and financial aid and help protecting their identity. Members vote on rules to limit workers’ exposure to new cancer-causing chemicals, particularly in laboratories, construction work and the textile industry. Parliament debates clear regulations on autonomous vehicles like self-driving cars and automated aircraft. It wants to promote real-life testing and new research, while ensuring data protection and consumer safety.

EU27 expects to formalise Brexit deal by end November

In the next days, we will proceed as follows. The agreement is now being analysed by all the member states. By the end of this week, the EU27 ambassadors will meet in order to share their assessment of the agreement. I hope that there will not be too many comments” –  said president Donald Tusk after his meeting with Brexit EU Chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

“They will also discuss the mandate for the Commission to finalise the Joint Political Declaration about the future relations between the EU and the UK. The European ministers will be involved in this process. The Commission intends to agree the declaration about the future with the UK by Tuesday. Over the following 48 hours, the member states will have time to evaluate it, which means that the EU27 Sherpas should conclude this work on Thursday. Then, if nothing extraordinary happens, we will hold a European Council meeting, in order to finalise and formalise the Brexit agreement. It will take place on Sunday 25th November at 9:30Tusk annonced.

Finally, let me say this to our British friends. As much as I am sad to see you leave, I will do everything to make this farewell the least painful possible, both for you and for us.”

We still have a long road ahead of us on both sides,” chief negotiator Michel Barnier said.


EU27 “deliberately intransigent approach”

The United Kingdom and the European Union are close to agreeing an Artcle  50 deal,  Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said.

We have made good progress. We are close to agreeing a deal,” Raab said. “There certainly is a risk of a no deal especially if the European Union engage in a deliberately intransigent approach” he added.


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