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Tourist bus blast in Egypt

A tourist bus explosion in near site of Giza Pyramids in Egypt reported by a number of leading news agencies. According to reports there are dead and wounded. There are pictures claimed to be from the scene of the explosion.

Details to follow.

AMENDED: Two dead and 14 wounded reported by local media.

AMENDED: officials qualify the blast as a terrorist attack, highly likely perpetrated by militants of Islamic State (ISIS). However no terrorist group claimed the attack so far.

AMDENDED:  The bus was carrying 12 Vietnamese tourists when an homemade device placed near a wall along the Mariyutiya street, near the Giza Pyramids, went off. 2 people died, 10 were injured as well as the bus driver and the tour guide, both Egyptian.

Giza explosion

Merry Orthodox Chirtmas!

Ethiopian Orthodox followers celebrate Timket, the Ethiopian Orthodox celebration of Epiphany, on January 19, 2015 in Addis Ababa.

The European Action Service wishes all the Orthodox around the world: Merry Christmas!

The EEAS announcement is made via Twitter.

The EU continues its work  focusing on the right of individuals, to ‘believe or not to believe, and, alone or in community with others, to freely manifest their beliefs”. The EU does not consider the merits of the different religions or beliefs, or the lack thereof, but ensures that the right to believe or not to believe is upheld. The EU is impartial and is not aligned with any specific religion or belief. The Freedom of religion is enshrined in Article 9 of The Human Rights Act.

The Orthodox Church is the second largest Christian Church and one of the oldest current religious institutions in the world. Eastern Orthodoxy spread from the Roman and Byzantine Empires influencing the developments of societies in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  At present the Orthodox adherents represent 225-300 million worldwide community, although historically divided in different branches.

The Orthodox community continues to suffer losses of its adherent in the beginning of the 21 century, being victims of ravaging conflicts. In 11th of December 2016 25 adherents were killed in the main Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo, Egypt,  in a bomb attack, many more injured.

(Source: EEAS Twitter, EC)

Illustration: Orthodox service in Ethiopia



Mogherini: addresses Arabe League


“Today we share a feeling of sadness and, if I can say so, mutual condolences as we see victims, civilians, innocent victims falling in Berlin, in Jordan just a few days ago, in Cairo, the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara yesterday” – said EU HR Federica Mogherini, addressing the EU-League of Arab States Ministerial meeting in Cairo.

“We face a wave of inconceivable violence and terrorism that makes our gathering together, our meeting today, even more important, even more relevant. Because I believe we share the common and deep conviction of the fact that only a common response to the terrorist violence can bring results for the sake of civilians across our region. So let me start by dedicating our thoughts to those victims, both in Europe and in the Arab world, and show our determination to jointly prevent and fight terrorism in our territories and globally”.

“…And let me say that we believe this format is particularly and increasingly important. Regional cooperation is the not only the best, but possibly the only way we have to address the crises we all face in our region. And I say “our region” because when I say “regional cooperation” I don’t just mean a bi-regional dimension of our relations, but us sharing the same region. And this is the reason I believe why we have so many Ministers present today. On the European side, on the Arab side – I think this is only natural. This shows the awareness we share on the need to work together in this format”.

(Soruce: EEAS)

EU-Egypt: investing in small business



Today, the European Union and Egypt signed two EU assistance programmes that will strengthen social safety nets and foster inclusiveness and sustainable economic development in the country, launching  the ‘EU Facility for Inclusive Growth and Job Creation’, with leverage of €420 million in support of reforms to improve the environment for business and to facilitate access to finance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

“This is time for concrete cooperation. With these programmes, we will work together to create jobs for young people, support children attending school, including the most vulnerable. The priority for the European Union is working for the citizens of our region”, – said EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini , signing the agreements in Cairo together with Egyptian Minister for International Cooperation Sahar Nasr.