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UK-Republic of Ireland freedom of movement

The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland concluded a deal to ensure their citizens will retain the right to live and work in each other’s countries after Britain exits from the EU.

The agreement secures the continuation of the Common Travel Area (CTA) that has been in place since 1922, when 26 of Ireland’s 32 counties left the United Kingdom to form an independent state.

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding signed May 8, free movement of people between Britain and the Republic of Ireland, and mutual access for citizens to social security, health and education will continue to function after Brexit.

Image: Dublin Bridge

Safeguarding Good Friday Agreement

“On Ireland and Northern Ireland, Michel gave credit to this, our coordinators have met again to build on discussions in July” – said the UK top negotiator David Davis, following the third round of Brexit talks in Brussels. “We had a good discussion on maintaining the Common Travel Area and on safeguarding the Good Friday Agreement, on the basis of the UK paper” – David ensured, underlining there is a high degree of convergence on these key issues, and we agreed to work up shared principles on the Common Travel Area. He also pointed out that there is a need to carry out further joint technical work on cross-border co-operation under the Good Friday Agreement.