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Hungarian voters high turnout

Parliamentary election in Hungary show high turnout exceeding the previous record. Interim data at 1500 GMT indicated voter turnout at 53.64%, compared with the 67.87%  noted in the second round of voting in 2002 under a different electoral system, when final turnout reached 73.5%.

Final turnout in the 2014 vote that gave Orban an impressive victory was 61.7%.

Hungarians in immigration are also active queuing for hours to vote in consulates in the EU .

Lithuania's Consul recalled from Kazakhstan

Lithuania’s consul general Regimantas Jablonskas was recalled from Kazakhstan’s largest city of Almaty (pictured) following reports about non-transparent visa issuing. The diplomat received the post of Consul General in 2015. Prior to that, Yablobskas had been Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Department for Foreign Economic Relations for seven years.

Consul General of Lithuania in Kazakhstan Ryagimantas Yablonskas was recalled after receiving information on non-transparent issuance of visas, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports.

“We received signals about non-transparent work when issuing visas, conducted an internal investigation, went to Almaty, based on the information gathered, the attestation commission of the Foreign Ministry decided to recommend withdrawing the consul, because the diplomat mentioned does not correspond to the post of general consul,” said the press attache of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Rasa Yakilaytene.

According to her, Yablobskas has already been withdrawn, but he is still in Kazakhstan. The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs transmitted the collected information to the Department of State Security. If there are grounds, the department will conduct additional checks on the possibility of Yablonskas to continue working and get access to classified information.