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EU calls Russia to release human rights defenders

The Chechen Republic court confirmed the detention of Oyub Titiev, head of the Memorial Human Rights Centre in Chechnya. Titiev was arrested on questionable drug possession charges on 9 January and has been detained since then.

Russia’s international commitments include an obligation to protect human rights defenders. The European Union expects the Russian authorities to abide to these commitments so that the cases against Mr Titiev and Mr Dmitriev can be dropped, and Mr Titiev immediately released” – the European External Action Service statement of the spokesperson says.

Titiev arrest appears to be directly connected to his human rights work for Memorial. The organisation has been targeted in recent months in the North Caucasus, among others through arson attacks on its office in Ingushetia and on Titiev’s lawyer’s car in Dagestan, as well as an attack against Mr Sirajutdin Datsiev, the Head of Memorial’s office in Dagestan.
Respected historian and representative of Memorial in Karelia, Yuri Dmitriev, has also faced questionable accusations, and on 14 June had his acquittal overturned by Karelia’s High Court, sending the case for retrial and prolonging Mr Dmitriev’s uncertainty over his fate. The dubious charges brought against him have already led to his detention for a period of 13 months.




Russia protects senator-oligarch charged with fraud in France

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny commented on the scandal around the detention of Russian senator Suleiman Kerimov (51) in Nice, France. In his opinion, Paris did what Moscow had to do a long time ago.
Since 2008 Kerimov has been elected to represent the Republic of Dagestan in Russia’s parliament upper house. Navalny, who is leading the Anti-Corruption Fund recalled that for many years Kerimov was a member of the State Duma and the Federation Council, being an elected official, the category of citizens is prohibited to engage in business activities as incompatible with serving people of Russian Federation.  Nevertheless, Kerimov is often referred to as a successful acting businessman, appearing in Forbes. This year the publication estimated Kerimov worth $ 6.3 billion.
Navalny analyzed Kerimov’s declarations for the past four years and found that, despite impressive earnings from 12 million rubles to 109 million rubles a year, the businessman is almost a ‘beggar’ owning less than modest property, namely a tiny studio of ​​37.8 square meters, and one third of the share in another apartment of 53.5 square meters. The Anti-corruption Fund considers such data submitted by senator Kerimov as “obvious lies”.
Navalny recalled that in France Kerimov was accused of laundering funds, believing that these funds were originally stolen from Russia, now actively defending a individual, who violated Russian laws.
Russian prosecutor’s office and the Investigation Committee should be after Kerimov,  co-operating with French justice, but not defending him suggests Navalny, regretting that Kerimov was arrested in France, but not in Russia, as he should.
Russian senator Suleiman Kerimov was detained in Nice on November 20. He was charged with laundering money and evading taxes. The French authorities suspect Kerimov of creating a system of intermediaries and companies to purchase the villas at  Cote d’Azur. Furthermore the prices at which his real estates was acquired were too low and did not reflect the market value.
The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko demands the immediate release of senator Kerimov, being indifferent to his money laundering activities.

#Surgut attacker worked as security agent

Arthur Hajiyev (19), who committed a massacre in Russian third in wealth oil-rich city of Surgut, worked as a security agent (pictured), according to local media sources. The journalists, who filmed a feature about the quality of food in Surgut  recognised him, saying that during the footage at supermarket the young man was “completely adequate”, “reserved, but not rude”.


After the massacre police visited Hajiyev’s family, and according to local journalists, arrested his step-father. Hajiyev’s father Lametullah from Dagestan whereabouts are unknown,  an ‘extremist’ on a list of Russian law enforcement units, he is an adherent of radical Islamic movement.  In spite of the Islamic State claim, Russian authorities did not acknowledge the attack as an act of terrorism, but tried to do maximum to play it down, provoking further insecurity in traumatized population. The federal TV channels were silent about the incident.

Six victims of Hajiyev’s attack are still in Surgut hospital, four of them in the intensive care, one in neurological and one in surgery wards, while the prognosis is сausiously optimistic, Andrey Mironov, the traumatologist said, because during post-operation period the patients remain fragile, one of them on artificial ventilation, unable to breathe. After the analysis of the type of  wounds, the surgeons concluded they were not haphazard, but targeted to cause the maximum damage and suffering.

After the massacre of the 19th of August, the streets of the city are empty, while the inhabitants of Surgut exchange information online in social networks, wondering when it would be safe to go out. Parents do not let children out to playgrounds, the clients cancel reservations at hairdressers and restaurants. “It looks like plague in town, the city is dead as in horror movies,” – write the users of Вконтакте Russian social network.