Lugansky concert: eulogy

sam_5644Anyone talking about magnificent Nikolai Lugansky has no other option, but a genre of eulogy: Russian piano virtuoso continues to enchant public with his sophisticated interpretations of classics, especially Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, included in his Brussels concert programme. The event became a highlight of “Russian Days” festival taking place during weekend 16-18 December in a prestigious Flagey concert hall.

Belgium art loves enjoyed pieces of composers, inspired by nature as ‘The Seasons’ by Tchaikovsky, as well as César Frank, Franz Schubert, and an amazing reading of Sergei Rachmaninoff Six moments musicaux Op.16 . The latter has a special place in Lugansky’s repertoire, as many consider him as the best contemporary performer of Rachmaninov’s oeuvre, achieving both technical perfection and emotional depth.
For those who could not attend Lugansky masterpiece performance to come in touch with his genius live, have an opportunity to acquire his new album of music inspirit by nature. The Brussels concert has been conceived as an “exclusive preview” for
this latest gift of Lugansky to the audiences.

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