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Dead dolphins at Russian Black sea resort

In Anapa, Russia, on the beach in the area of ‘​​40 year of Victory,’ street tourists discovered several corpses of dolphins. According to local residents dead animals have been on the beach for a few days. This week after numerous complaints, local authorities announced that the corpses of dolphins were removed  from the beach.

According to the portal “Notepad”, the residents of the Black sea resort were outraged by the attitude of local services, which, in their opinion, are not engaged in cleaning the shore from corpses of sea animals.

One of the residents of Anapa has been indignant of the impact of the scenery of discovering dolphin corpses floated by the shore, judging by their appearance, they have been decomposing already for some time. A mother has been worried that such a picture has been disturbing for young children:

“We were sitting at Black sea in Anapa, watching  floating dead dolphins, it’s clear that it’s not the first day the corpses are there. It’s not normal that children walk along the shore and get a psychological trauma seeing all this!”

The administration of our district doesn’t take measures ” , – she added, mentioning that she asked the local services to remove corpses from the beach. The woman was told that they would “take action”. However, four hours later no one came to the scene.

The problem of massive death of dolphins next to Anapa  occurred the beginning of May (tweet below), when 68 spices were found dead ashore. The ecologists blame industrialisation of the sea as the major factor causing massive death of the dolphins.