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Tusk and Warsaw trading barbs over #Polexit

President of EU Council Donald Tusk’s comments on possible #Polexit were a clear sign of “ill will and false care” towards Poland’s Government. Secretary of State for European Affairs Konrad Szymański, said,  blaming Brussels apparatchik on throwing fuel to the fire.

“This is an absurd thesis. It looks as if he is praying for this to come true, because then it would better for him to perform a political function in this country”, Szymański continued. “If this was said by a politician from the farthest corners of Peru for instance, than I would not be surprised with such an amiss evaluation.” he ironised.

Donald Tusks comments followed months of trading barbs between Warsaw and Brussels over a controversial overhaul of Poland’s judiciary, and refusal to host African and Middle East migrants.

“I have no doubt that for PiS one of the goals is to ‘free’ Polish politics from the burden of the EU” – said the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, the former Prime Minister of Poland, criticising his rival in Law and Justice (PiS) party, chaired by Jarosław Kaczyński.


“I can easily imagine a situation when Poland finds itself among the net payers, then the government in Poland would feel it is time to ask Poles if they want Poland to continue being in the EU” – he continued, warning that in absence of financial benefits his countrymen would not enjoy the membership in the bloc.

“For PiS, the benefits of being in the EU relate only to the balance of payments” – Tusk claimed in a bitter attack on his political opponents.

Tusk ended on a pessimistic note, hoping Poland would remain in the EU – but would not take such a conclusion for granted. He added: “In Brussels there is still enormous hope, I won’t say trust because that’s already dead, that Poland will stay in the Union.”