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Armenia Prime Minister steps down

Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan said he was resigning on Monday (23/04/2018) to help maintain civic peace following almost two weeks of street protests that have plunged the Russian military ally into political crisis.

Sargsyan previously served two five-year terms as president of the former Soviet Republic. First elected in 2008, he served as the country’s head of state until he was appointed prime minister earlier this month.

A large group of unarmed Armenian soldiers joined anti-government protests in the capital Yerevan on Monday in a development the Armenian military said was illegal and would be harshly punished.

Since 1999, the European Union’s relations with Armenia have been based on the EU-Armenia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, which provides for wide-ranging cooperation in the areas of political dialogue, trade, investment, economy, the promotion of democracy and human rights, law-making and culture.