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Barnier enters Irish border polemics with DUP

Michel Barnier, the EU top Brexit negotiator said “the time has now come to resolve the contradictions” over the Northern Irish border. His position was announced ahead of the visit to the island of Ireland for attending the conference on Civil Dialogue, and hear opinions from both sides.

Barnier also warned that protracted negotiations over the Irish border issue would lead to entire collapse of the Brexit Article 50 talks.

Commenting Barnier’s position, the Northern Ireland DUP party contested his position of an ‘honest broker’, understanding complexity of the issue. “…His proposal of us being in an all-Ireland regulatory scenario with a border down the Irish Sea simply does not work. I don’t think he does understand the wider unionist culture of Northern Ireland,” DUP’ leader Arlene Foster said to the UK national broadcaster.




Spain unionists export violence to Barcelona

Concluding the day of a massive anti-independence rally in Barcelona, numerous incidents of violence against journalists, police, transport workers, and damages to public buildings were reported by the victims, witnesses, and social media. Till present 11 reported wounded.

The 300,000-strong march in Barcelona included also far-right groups decorated by Spanish flags, and fascist symbols, who directed their aggression against declaration of Catalan Republic splashed over different groups from media and police, to inhabitants and pedestrians.

A journalist from the Catalan digital newspaper El Nacional was attacked on by an aggressive unionist.  A group of journalists from the Catalan TV public broadcaster were also intimidated, while a van from the same TV station was damaged.

The incidents have been reported since Friday a far-right group of demonstrators for the unity of Spain intimidated employees of the Catalan radio public broadcaster and Barcelona local TV station. The outraged opponents of declaration of Catalan Republic smashed windows of Catalan radio, and damaged main doors, until Catalan police officers had set a police cordon to protect the premises.

The far-right protesters from the rally also attacked Catalan police. The incident took place in Plaça Sant Jaume, outside the Catalan government headquarters, the attackers were insulting the officers and throwing objects: ‘Long live Franco!’, ‘Long live Spain!’ and ‘Franco would fix you!’

So far the EU institutions failed to address the issue of Spanish violence in Catalonia, giving their unconditional support to Prime minister Mariano Rajoy, to what he calls the “restoration of legality” in self-proclaimed Catalan Republic.

The UN experts have already presented their opinion on events in Catalonia, explaining that the ‘territorial integrity’ principle can not be used for suppression of human rights, and right to self-determination of people. ‘Territorial integrity’ is a fundamental principle preventing external forces, but not an excuse to deny people their basic right to determine their future.



Unionists attack Catalan police

An impressive demonstration of hundreds of thousands of supporters of a unified Spain who came to Barcelona from all over the Kingdom  became the biggest show of force yet by the so-called ‘silent majority’  watching as regional political leaders resurrected Catalan independence abolished by Franco dictatorship.

The unionist march in main streets of Barcelona degraded into multiple clashes with Catalan police, and offensives against local inhabitants. A lot of alerts were shared via social media by Catalans, concerned by the imported outbreak of violence, incompatible with their mentality, and lifestyle. Many of attacher of Catalans were decorated by fascists signs and symbols.

The group of unionist-aggressors turned their anger and frustration on the passing by pedestrians, including a Sikh, walking along the street of Barcelona.