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Spain: torture as entertainment

Brussels 13.10.2021 “Spain… join the 21st century! This game is a sadistic form of torture that reminds us of the times when gladiators were fighting in the colosseum or even before!!” calls OIPA NGO, demanding to stop the barbarism of torturing bulls with fire for fun. The ritual usually takes place every year around 13th November at midnight.

However all this suffering is only the beginning: the following day the bull will be killed in a slaughterhouse.
What is even more astonishing is that the event represents a huge risk also for humans that are watching. A few months ago, a 71-year-old man has been charged by a bull on fire in Jerica and died, for instance. Those in charge of organizing these festivals refuse to accept the danger to humans and say it is not that painful after all for the bulls.

The bull is tied to a pole in the middle of a square. In the meantime, hot ashes are scattered around the floor of the arena. Five bonfires, one for each of the holy martyrs of Medinaceli, light up the bullring where the ritual will take place.

The torture begins: a wooden frame is forcibly attached to the bull’s head. Either sides of the wooden frame are then set on fire, giving the impression that the bull has flaming horns.
The poor creature is then released and can do nothing but run around in pain at extremely high speed with the risk to crash, in an attempt to escape the flames and avoid the bonfires. The animal would probably have been blinded because of the fire burning its cornea. Every so often bulls hit their heads so fast that they die.

This atrocious physical and mental torture, considered as a “tradition” takes the name of ‘Toro Jubilo’ or ‘Bou Embolat’ and is still practiced in two Spanish regions, namely Catalonia and the Valencia Community.

MSF vows to continue transporting migrants to Europe

At arrival to port of Valencia (Spain) Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF,  Doctors without Borders) running the Mediterranean rescue operation on vessel #Aquarius gave press-conference, criticising the EU governments, and vowing to ignore the laws and continue to transport migrants from African coast to Europe.

The MSF team is determined to continue saving lives, and resist the intimidation of the governments, obsessed by rejection of migrants at all costs”,  said Thierry Allafort-Duverger, the MSF Director general in a statement.

In spite of joy of the migrants on #Aquarius, reaching European coasts after being rejected by Italian government, and accepted by Spain, the issue of illegal migration to EU if far from being settled. The new Italian Interior minister Matteo Salvini uses the framework of the international law, confirming the sovereign states right to establish jurisdiction over its aquatorium, and fight illegal migration, rejecting vessels from entering their waters.

I am fed up with this trafficking of human beings and children who die at sea. I’m going to do everything possible that these guys don’t need to escape. In the meantime to block ships of the NGOs that had transformed Italy into a large refugee camp” – Salvini said commenting on the situation during Italian TV show.

The illegal mass-migration from Africa occurred after the overthrow of Gaddafi dictatorship in Libya, destabilizing the entire region. The subsequent failure of the EU to ensure the solidarity of relocation of migrants among member-states caused concentration of migrants in Italy beyond capacity to host all those who continue to arrive.

Europol: firearms traffickers arrested in Spain


EUROPOL: The Counter Terrorism Units of the Spanish National Police in Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia and Gerona, with the collaboration of Europol, have carried out an operation within the framework of an investigation against the illicit trafficking of firearms.

During the course of this action, five individuals have been arrested, six house searches have been conducted in three Spanish provinces of Bilbao, Cantabria and Gerona and more than 10 000 firearms have been seized, alongside EUR 80 000 in cash.

This organised crime group used a sport shop as a distribution centre which in reality sold firearms, parts and components and ammunition. They acquired a significant amount of the firearms in auctions and from other legal entities.

The crime group sold deactivated firearms which did not comply with the existing deactivation standards and life firing firearms in Spain and other European countries. A sizeable amount of these firearms were assault rifles and hand guns, but there were also other weapons such as anti-aerial machine guns. The suspects also sold essential parts and components with the aim of reactivating deactivated firearms. During the course of this action, an illegal workshop was also dismantled which was used to repair and reactive firearms. The suspects were found in possession of stamps and other items used to forge certificates of reactivation.

Information gathered during the operation will now be analysed by Europol in order to identify potential links with other criminal or terrorist activity across Europe and beyond.

(Source: Europol)

Photo: illustration