MSF vows to continue transporting migrants to Europe

At arrival to port of Valencia (Spain) Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF,  Doctors without Borders) running the Mediterranean rescue operation on vessel #Aquarius gave press-conference, criticising the EU governments, and vowing to ignore the laws and continue to transport migrants from African coast to Europe.

The MSF team is determined to continue saving lives, and resist the intimidation of the governments, obsessed by rejection of migrants at all costs”,  said Thierry Allafort-Duverger, the MSF Director general in a statement.

In spite of joy of the migrants on #Aquarius, reaching European coasts after being rejected by Italian government, and accepted by Spain, the issue of illegal migration to EU if far from being settled. The new Italian Interior minister Matteo Salvini uses the framework of the international law, confirming the sovereign states right to establish jurisdiction over its aquatorium, and fight illegal migration, rejecting vessels from entering their waters.

I am fed up with this trafficking of human beings and children who die at sea. I’m going to do everything possible that these guys don’t need to escape. In the meantime to block ships of the NGOs that had transformed Italy into a large refugee camp” – Salvini said commenting on the situation during Italian TV show.

The illegal mass-migration from Africa occurred after the overthrow of Gaddafi dictatorship in Libya, destabilizing the entire region. The subsequent failure of the EU to ensure the solidarity of relocation of migrants among member-states caused concentration of migrants in Italy beyond capacity to host all those who continue to arrive.

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