N.Macedonia to open EU accession talks end June

Many people were sceptical about the possibility of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. We are there, thanks to the dedication, the commitment, I would say the courage, the leadership, and the hope that the Prime Ministers, the Foreign Ministers have put in this process” – said EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini at ceremony of former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece of the signature of agreement on the name issue at Prespa lake.
“The European Union and the two of us personally have been accompanying this process step by step” – Mogherini reminded. “We are here today, first of all to thank the two sides, because they make us all Europeans proud of the capacity to find – through diplomacy, through dialogue – a win-win solution for a problem that was long-standing for too many decades. It makes Europe more peaceful, more united and that also opens the way for the entire region of the Balkans to live in a different kind of atmosphere.”
Regarding EU membership perspective for Severna Macedonia Mogerini continued:
the EU External  Actions service has already  recommended as the European Commission to start the negotiations, and in a fortnight the European Council (28-29 June).

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