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Salvini refuses smuggled migrants reception

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has reiterated his refusal to NGO-run illegal migrant-rescue ships to dock.
The League leader was commenting amid concern about 49 asylum seekers saved in the Mediterranean by German NGOs Sea-Watch and Sea Eye who have not been allocated a port of safety amid a standoff.

Pope Francis in vain made an appeal to European leaders to “show concrete solidarity” in this case. Many Italian consider that their good will and hospitality were abused, while the majority of the EU counties did nothing to relocate migrants constantly arriving to Italian coasts from Africa.

Pope defends rejected illegal migrants

Pope Francis urged European leaders on December 6 to stop arguing over the fate of 49 migrants stuck aboard two humanitarian rescue ships on the Mediterranean and to offer them a safe port to disembark. (Image: illustration).

With his comments at his address to tens of thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square at the end marking the feast of the Epiphany, Pontifex entered into a diplomatic raw between Italy and Malta.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has underlined that he is not going to transfer Malta into a hosting centre for illegal migrants who were saved by humanitarian vessels and rejected to disembark in the other ports.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini remined the Mayor of Naples, who is ready to accept NGO vessels with illegal migrants, that he has to respect the migrant decree. “Anyone who helps clandestine migrants hates Italians” he explains.


Salvini assesses EU too weak to attack Italy over budget

The European Union  has too many problems to sanction Italy for its 2019 budget, Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini said.
I don’t think the EU is enjoying a state of health such as to allow it to question and sanction Europe’s second industrial power,” he said.
Salvini added he was confident that a budget deal would be found, “we are working with alacrity on it”.

Italy accused the EU of “economic terrorism,” as its row with economic leaders in the bloc deepened when the EU finance ministers warned Italy that it must abide by EU rules on public spending.

The war of words between Rome and Brussels is focused on Italy’s new budget proposal, which seeks to increase spending and cut taxes, but would raise Italy’s debt and breach EU budget rules.

There are European institutions playing at bringing terrorism to the financial markets,” said Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio who heads the Five Star Movement (M5S).

Berlaymont-Rome budget crisis deepens

Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini responded to the European Commission’s decision to reject Italy‘s budget draft and request a new package within three weeks, assessing  it as an “attack” on the Italian economy.

The Commission regards the proposal, which suggests Italy running a deficit of 2.4% of GDP next year to help finance pledges for a basic income, a pension overhaul and a two-tier flat tax, is of high risk leading to a breach of the Stability and Growth Pact.

The government, however, says critics of the draft are failing to consider the positive effect the generous budget will have on a growth and, in the process, on bringing down the debt-to-GDP ratio. “We are here to improve the lives of the Italian people,” Salvini said to RTL radio when asked about Berlyamont‘s verdict. “It seems to me to be an attack based on prejudice”. “It’s an attack on the Italian economy because someone wants to buy our companies on the cheap. “If they keep giving slaps for no reason, I’ll start to want to give more money to the Italian people.

“All the budgets that have passed through Brussels in recent years have made the debt rise by 300 billion euros”, Salvini concluded.
He also added that the Commission could send a “dozen of letters” of criticism to Rome, but the budget still would not change.


European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said to Der Spiegel that “we will ask more questions in the coming days” on the Italian budget which the EC rejected earlier this week.
“But I will also meet Premier Conte in the next few weeks,” he continued.
“Dialogue continues,” said the boss of Berlaymont.

Salvini suggests chemical castration of rapists

A 20-year-old Tunisian migrant allegedly raped a 38-year-old Slovakian woman in the Baobab volunteer-run migrant centre outside Rome’s Tiburtina rail station at night on October, 11,  Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said, calling for the chemical castration of the alleged rapist. (Image: illustration).

In some countries as South Korea, Poland, EstoniaIndonesia and the US states of California and Florida  there is a practice of mandatory use of chemical castration for certain convicted sex offenders.

Recently Kazakhstan has adopted laws for chemical castration of pedophiles.


Italy to close airports for illegal migrants returns

Italy will close its airports to unauthorised planes carrying migrants from Germany, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said, stirring up a dispute between the EU members over responsibility for illegals, who apply for asylum.

The two countries have been working on a deal under which Germany would send back to Italy migrants who have already applied for asylum there, but the accord has yet to be signed.

Italian daily La Repubblica reported Germany‘s refugee agency had sent “dozens of letters” to migrants advising them of a planned transfer back to Italy, possibly via charter flights. The first transfer is planned for October, 9.

If someone, in Berlin or Brussels, thinks of dumping dozens of immigrants in Italy via unauthorized charter flights, they should know that there is not and there will be no airport available,Salvini said in a statement published on his Twitter microblog.

UNHRC laments Italian stance on migration

The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) expressed hope that the Italian parliament changes Interior Minister Matteo Salvini‘s migrants and security decree to bring it into line with the Geneva Convention and international norms on human rights.

The UNHCR voiced concern over norms in the decree “which appear in potential contrast with international laws on refugees and on human rights, risking weakening the general level of tutelage with particular reference to vulnerable people and those with special needs”.
The decree will extend the scope to deny or revoke international protection status for people who have committed serious crimes and makes it possible for migrants to be expelled following a first-instance conviction.
It would also bar those convicted of crimes of access to some sophisticated medical treatments. Those seeking refugee status will now have their requests suspended if they are considered “socially dangerous or convicted in the first instance” of crimes, while their appeals are ongoing.

President Sergio Mattarella‘s office said in a statement that the head of State has signed the government’s decree on security and immigration.
The president also sent a letter to Premier Giuseppe Conte stating that “Constitutional and international State obligations” remain.

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