EU congratulates Farmajo


“We congratulate Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo on his election as President of the Federal Republic of Somalia”, – said in a joint statement the EU top diplomat  Federica Mogherini and Commissioners Neven Mimica and Christos Stylianides following the Presidential election in Somalia.

“The new President will face among others the rightful expectations of the Somali population of security, equality, access to justice and services, job opportunities and a dignified life free from corruption and uncertainty.

The leadership has an opportunity to demonstrate its capability and responsibility of securing this future for all Somalis in a federal Somalia.

We look forward to hearing the President’s plans for immediate action, notably on the formation of a government to deliver on unfulfilled commitments to ensure security, reconciliation of communal grievances, sound management of public finances and the completion of constitutional review.

These are the preconditions for peace and prosperity in Somalia and for the security of Somalia’s neighbours.

And with Somalia already affected by a dire humanitarian situation and threatened by famine, the leadership must act immediately. The European Union will stand by the people of Somalia”.

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