Juncker's White paper to save EU27


President Jean-Claude Juncker will present a White paper to the European Parliament on Wednesday 1st of March, on ways to re-establish unity after the UK  launches its ‘divorce’ process, a spokesman announced.

The European Commission president wishes the states to find the ways to deepen cooperation further and faster in bilateral ways, without the whole bloc having to coordinate. This idea has raised concerns, especially among poorer eastern countries, that their richer neighbors may use Brexit to cut EU subsidies to them.

Juncker will attend the European Parliament on Wednesday afternoon, Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas told ar briefing on Tuesday, to present the White paper.

By setting out four or five practical “pathways to unity” or “alternative avenues for cooperation at EU27”, EU officials say Juncker aims to give the 27 leaders of the post-Brexit Union some broad choices to start considering at a March 25 summit in Rome, where they will mark 60 years of the bloc.



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