Shoukry: ‘no’ for refugee camps in Egypt

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt Sameh Shoukry attended a number of meetings with high officials in Brussels, exchanging views on illegal immigration and security. Shoukry clearly rejected the set up of refugee/migrant camps in Egypt.

Meeting press after the meeting Shukry underlined that his country is ready to co-operate with the EU on issues of illegal migration and security, however he is not looking for any specific agreement on the matter.

Minister Shoukry reviewed the considerable efforts carried out by Egypt in fighting illegal immigration, conceaving a national committee to combat it, however he pointed out that there should be understaning for treating the route causes of the problem.

These meetings took place on the sidelines of the Foreign Affairs Council that is expected also to determine projects that Egypt aspires to implement in cooperation with the EU.

Shoukry met with EU commission vice-president Frans Timmermans and EU commissioner for migration and home affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos, reminding that no illegal migration boat left Egypt since September 2016.

The minister’s talks with the EU commissioner addressed the Egyptian point of view towards the issue of illegal immigration,  the EU commissioner said that Egypt is an essential part of European security.

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