EU response to terrorist threat

To respond to the evolving terrorist threat, the EU is updating and extending the tools available to it. New rules adopted by the Council on 7.03.2017  will help prevent terrorist attacks by criminalising acts such as undertaking training or travelling for terrorist purposes, as well as organising or facilitating such travel.

The new rules, in the form of a Directive, strengthen and widen the scope of the existing legislation. The directive criminalises:

  • Travelling within, outside or to the EU for terrorist purposes, e.g. to join the activities of a terrorist group or with the purpose of committing a terrorist attack.
  • The organisation and facilitation of such travel, including through logistical and material support, such as the purchase of tickets or planning itineraries;
  • Training and being trained for terrorist purposes, e.g. in the making or use of explosives, firearms, noxious or hazardous substances mirroring the existing provision of knowingly providing such training;
  • Providing or collecting funds with the intention or the knowledge that they are to be used to commit terrorist offences and offences related to terrorist groups or terrorist activities.

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