MEP Wikström for reform of ‘Dublin’

On 9 March 2017  the reform of the Dublin system is debated in the European Parliament with Cecilia Wikström, MEP (ALDE, Sweeden), who will present her draft report to the Civil Liberties Committee.

The draft report is a first response to the Commission’s proposal, presented in May 2016, for reform of the Dublin regulation,  which determines which member state is responsible for processing an asylum application, constitutes the cornerstone of the EU asylum system, which is currently undergoing a major revamp.

In the report, MEP Wikström proposes ways to improve the current EU asylum rules, which became an urgent issue in 2015 when more than one million migrant entered the EU illegally, requesting asylum, resulting in the discrediting  of the system, unable to cope with the multitudes of requests. To ensure that the new asylum system will work in practice, the rapporteur sets out three key priorities:  share responsibility among the member-states; accelerating procedure;  registration upon arrival.

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