Italy wins EU extra funds for illegal migrants

This week the European Union nations agreed on  a long-term budget for the EU  including backing nearly 4 billion extra for managing illegal migrant flows and reinforce border control.

The deal has been concluded after Italy withdrew the veto, imposed by then Prime Minister Matteo Renzi last October in an attempt to receive support from the other member-states in dealing with the mass migration flows from African coasts to Italy.

According to  the new deal  one-trillion-euros budget for  2014-2020 will provide 3.94 billion euros more for resolution of migration crisis and border controls.

At the moment Italy is the major destination for illegal migrants. In spite of the repeating appeals for ‘solidarity’ as the core value of the EU project, there were no numerous volonteers to share the burden of mass migraton to relocalise the arrived by sea. Only four thousand illegal migrants were transferred to the other EU member-states, while the other 40,000 are still awaiting for their fate in Italian shelters.

After blocking the decision since October 2016, Rome has lifted its veto on 7th March, after the European executive commission agreed to consider the use of extra funding until 2020 for migration and growth, Italy’s European affairs secretary Sandro Gozi said after a regular meeting of EU ministers in Brussels.


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