Poland might not sign Declaration in Rome

Poland signaled it may not accept the Rome declaration, which will propose a renewed concept of the European Union’s course after Brexit. The prime minister Beata Szydlo made clear the  document should consider issues Warsaw considers crucial.

A draft of the declaration already offered for discussion in EU capitals it says the leaders of the member-states will work towards a Union of economic and social progress as well as cohesion and convergence, embracing the variety of social models and the key role of social partners.

“If the declaration does not include the issues which are priorities for Poland, we will not accept the declaration,” Prime Minister Beata Szydlo told private broadcaster TVN.

“The unity of the European Union, defense of a tight NATO cooperation, strengthening the role of national governments and the rules of the common market which cannot divide but unite – these are the four priorities which have to be included in the declaration,” – Szydlo underlined.

Earlier this week,  Jarosław Kaczyński head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party said Warsaw would put up a tough fight at the summit and would not bow to any form of a multi-speed Europe. The issue of the appointment of the EU Council president Donald Tusk against advise of the Polish government also remains unsolved.

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