Rome: Juncker calls for solidarity

“…It is now exactly 60 years ago that the Treaties of Rome – signed in this very room – sealed our Union forevermore.  It is a Union that rose from the ashes of two world wars, shaped by the hands and by the iron will of those who had returned from battlefields and concentration camps only a few years earlier”- said President Jean-Claude Juncker in his speech, addressing the informal Summit in Rome, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome – the foundation of the actual European Union.

“It is they – this war generation of our fathers and grandfathers – who turned the cry of ‘never again war’ into an ambitious political project that has changed our lives for the better from that day onwards.

“We – the humble heirs to these greats – are gathered once again in this very same room. We do so to solemnly renew our vows and reaffirm our commitment to our undivided and indivisible Union. But we do so not out of nostalgia. We do so because only by staying united can we rise to the challenges we can face together.”

“Only by staying united can we pass on to future generations a more prosperous, a more social and a safer Europe. A Union of solidarity, that is strong, that is generous both at home and in the wider world. A Europe that takes up the major challenges of the day and that does not lose itself in the detail.”

“But let us not lose perspective either. However daunting our challenges may feel today, they are in no way comparable to those faced by our founding fathers…”

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