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Rome: march aganist “EU tyranny”

A gathering of far-right activists waving banners with obscenities – “F*EU” – protested “tyranny in Brussels,” blaming eurocrats for inflicting poverty  and chaos of migration flows upon Italians. The demonstration takes place while the EU leaders celebrate 60 years of the Treaties of Rome.

The rally, which was called by the anti-immigrant Forza Nuova group, saw participants gathering in the historic Primavalle quarter of Rome to chant anti-EU slogans and brandish Italian flags with “Give Rome back to Romans” slogan written across them. In abundance were also banners emblazoned with the words, “F*EU.”


Forza Nuova declared the the action via the Facebook page, insitsing it  should serve as a “symbol of the popular resistance to tyranny in Europe,” while arguing that Rome under the EU became “invaded by immigrants, betrayed and sold by the leftists.’ 

It urged supporters to join the fight “against immigration and the policies of austerity imposed by eurocrats,” declaring that “truce is over.” The action was supposed to demonstrate that the eternal city is up in arms to “challenge Brussels” and is standing up to the European financial establishment, which the statement labeled as a “gang of bankers stealing our future.” 


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