May: Brexit with as ‘little disruption’ as possible

“New partnership between the UK and the EU that works for us all,” – has declared the prime minister Theresa May as a target of two-year Brexit negotiations with the EU in her historic speech in the Parliament. She wowed to get “a right deal for everyone in this country,” working for both “rich and poor.”

May confirmed the UK will leave the EU legislation system, abandoning the European Court of Justice, the UK Courts will interpret the British laws. The White Paper on acquis communautaire will be published tomorrow, explaining the way the laws will functions after the cancellation of the EU membership.

Although optimistic about the outcome of the negotiations, May pointed out, that the UK will “lose its  influence” on the EU bodies,  out of Single Market, and will deal with Europe in a fashion similar to the other overseas markets territories.

May said that she is engaged to ensure as “little disruption as possible” in divorce with the European Union, moving towards ‘global Britain’.


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