Only 30% of Russians support Putin

A genuine poll launched by a Russian journalist Dimitry Smirnov  showed 70% of participants refused to vote for the incumbent president Vladimir Putin if asked to drop off a ballot today. The  Twitter poll organized by Dmitry Smirnov, a journalist from Kremlin pool – a special correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda  ( – one of the most read Russian tabloids, did not pursue any purpose, but personal curiosity.

Smirnov said he was tempted to check the results of sociologists from the Fund “Public Opinion” (‘FOM’) in its weekly study on March 31 reporting 64% of Russians are ready to support Putin in presidential elections.

“Check ‘FOM’.” You would you vote for Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections?” Smirnov asked his 37,000 followers signed to his Twitter account. 20 000 people voted, but less than 1/3 supported Putin’s candidacy.

The  vote is considered to be genuine as there  were no limits in age or geography, aslo the majority of Smirnov’s follower are readers of the loyal to Kremlin  ‘KP’ tabloid, Smirnov is working for.

President Vladimir Putin is expected to go for re-election for the fourth term in March of 2018 regardless his real popularity.


One comment

  • You should understand that this is a perfect example of volunteer sampling having absolutely no actual meaning as to whether Russians support Putin or not. The vast majority of Russians do not have twitter accounts and the vast majority of those did not participate in the poll. It would be like asking Trump’s twitter followers whether or not they liked Clinton.


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