Dasits: Brexit “bilateral” talks possible

Spanish foreign minister Alfonso Dastis Bexit negotiations would take place on two levels: the EU, and national competences.

“Our negotiator is Michel Barnier. The Commission will negotiate for us in whatever capacity the EU has, – said Alfonso Dastis to a Spanish newspaper El País. “Then there are national competences: even there we believe that it is preferable to negotiate together, but if for some reason that does not fit, we do not renounce our competences and the possibility of complementing the joint negotiation with a bilateral negotiation, for example in Social Security. As long as that does not hurt the Twenty-seven”.

In a comprehensive interview Dasis characterizes Brexit as a result of an “interior” problem of the UK, and expressed confidence no other country of the EU27 is touched by the similar mood.

Although he completely excluded the possibility to fragment the UK, letting the Scotland in the EU.

“It will leave the EU when it leaves UK: the rest we will see. Spain does not welcome the fact that no European State is embarking on fragmentation,” – Dastis said. “… If, in application of its laws, the outcome of that process is a division of the United Kingdom, any part of the United Kingdom that becomes a State and wants to join the EU will have to apply.”

The position of Spain substantially reduces the ratio behind the ambition of the Scottish First minister Nicola Sturgeon to vote for independence before the Brexit to remain in the EU.

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