St.Petersburg CCTV images of an alleged terrorist

Russian media realised an image of an alleged terrorist, the CCTV image started to circulate soon after the explosion was defined as a ‘terrorist act’.

REN TV publishes a photo of the alleged terrorist who made an explosion in the metro of St. Petersburg. The man left a backpack in the compartment,  and immediately left.

As you can see on the frame made by the surveillance camera, a man wears a beard. He was wearing a hat. Law enforcers do not exclude that a man disguised to mislead the investigation.

As previously eyewitnesses reported, the man threw the briefcase in the car and left, shortly afterwards an explosion followed.

As it became known to REN TV, the alleged terrorist went to the metro station “Sennaya” and left the car.

In the afternoon, on April 3, at 14:30 an explosion occurred in the subway line near the station “Technological Institute.” According to preliminary data, 10 people were killed, but the authorities confirmed nine bodies so far.

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