Duma to ban IT learning for childern

Russian State Duma has introduced a law prohibiting children to use electronic school diaries and to engage in online learning. The law is formally called “On the legal regulation of social networks” – according to the idea of the authors it was supposed to prohibit the registration of persons under 14 years of age in social networks.

Nikolay Travkin, a politician, and former associate of Boris Yeltsin,  criticized Member of Parliament – Duma – Vitaly Milonov (pictured)  for his initiative:

“…Any web site on the Internet falls under “social networks,” – writes Russian politician, in the past close associate of Boris Yeltsin, – Nikolai Travkin.

“Under plausible pretexts, all our people are being driven to the Stone Age. Just ot keep the new generations dim and obedient, just to prevent them from  knowing how much they steal and who. Just to prevent them to rise one day against corruption and the lies of adults”, – Travkin  continues in his blog, asking a rhetoric question:

“We have to understand if the cave is really a place where we see the future of our country, our people?”

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