NATO ‘understands’ US stirke on Syria

The US President Donald Trump received at the White House NATO Secretary general Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday afternoon prior to their joint press conference. It was the first meeting between Stoltenberg and Trump, who had spoken on the phone twice previously.

Stoltenberg confrimed that NATO members received the news about US strike on Syria with ‘a lot of understand’. However he also said the investigation on use of chemical weapons by Bashar Al Assad reigme should take place.

Stoltenberg was joined by several other NATO officials during the White House visit, including
Ambassador Torgeir Larsen, Director of the Private Office; Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven, Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security; Oana Lungescu, Spokesperson;Dawn Schrepel, Deputy Director of the Private Office; Stein Hernes, Special Advisor on Strategic Communications; and Allison Hart, Executive Office, Public Diplomacy Division.

Stoltenberg laid a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery before heading to the White House.

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