Defeated candidates call voters to support Macron

DEPECHE: IMG_0449[1]The candidate of the Socialist party at power – Benoit Hamon (6,2%) acknowledged his defeat and called his voters to support the centrist Emmanuel Macron, to struggle against far right candidate Marine Le Pen (21,7%).

‘The Left is not dead’, – said Hamon, addressing his saddened militants. He is convinced that the values of the Republic will survive the crisis, and  the Socialists will work their way out towards the benefits of people of France.


(PHOTO from the announce in the streets of Lille)

The Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve aslo called the electorate to support Emmanuel Macron to defeat Marine Le Pen.

Francois Fillon called his supporters to vote Macron, and remain active in the legislative election to defeat Marine Le Pen.Fillon

The calls of Hamon and Fillion to vote Macron organise a united front against Marine Le Pen.



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