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Brussels: Marine Le Pen supports Morawiecki

Brussels 22.10.2020 Marine Le Pen met on Friday 22 October in Brussels the Polish head of government Mateusz Morawiecki to whom she provided “support” in the crisis between her country and the EU by denouncing “the unacceptable blackmail” of the European Commission.

“We spoke together in particular of the unacceptable blackmail exercised by the European Commission on Poland, and I wanted to give it my support,” added Marine Le Pen, who is due to hold a press conference in Brussels afterwards. midday, before going to Budapest on Monday to meet the ultraconservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Before the opening of a summit of the Twenty-Seven Thursday in Brussels, Mateusz Morawiecki, in conflict with Brussels on the independence of justice and the primacy of European law, said he was “ready for dialogue” while denouncing ” the pressure of blackmail ”.

European leaders played the card of appeasement during this Summit, while reserving the possibility of cracking down later. Tensions have increased since a decision on October 7 by the Polish Constitutional Court which declared certain articles of European treaties incompatible with the national constitution. A decision denounced by Brussels as an unprecedented attack on the primacy of European law and the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the EU, but also as the ultimate illustration of the lack of independence of the Polish justice with regard to the government.

France: leadership vs. citizens

Brussels 14.05.2021 One year before the next presidential election, a new poll indicates that the 2017 duel Macron-Le Pen could be re-played again in 2022.
Will in 2022 once again Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen compete at the polls in the second round of the presidential election? In 2017, Emmanuel Macron won against his rival with 66.1% of the votes cast, against 33.9% for Marine Le Pen.

According to a survey carried out by Ipsos-Sopra Steria in partnership with Cevipof and the Jean-JaurĂšs Foundation the 2017 finalists would be the same in 2022, and this in different scenarios envisaged according to the various applications already announced or potential.

However this time the situation in not so favourable for the incumbent President of the V Republic. The second open letter of French military critical of the President Emmanuel Macron policies received a strong support of the compatriots, viewed two million times, and it was signed by 250 000 citizens. This declaration from active officers of the French army reinforces the one previously published letter by the military veterans on the site of Valeurs Actuelles journal (@Values). This text, the second one, which has been already circulating a lot and which caused the media echo, the editorial decided to publish in a form of a Petition for the signature of French citizens. Like the previous one, the purpose of this forum is not to undermine the institutions but to alert citizens and authorities of the gravity of the situation in France.

“…Cowardice, deceit, perversion: this is not our view of the hierarchy.
On the contrary, the army is, par excellence, the place where we speak truthfully to each other because we commit our lives. It is this confidence in the military institution that we call for” the second letter reads.

“…Yes, if a civil war breaks out, the military will maintain order on its own soil, because it will be asked to. This is even the definition of civil war. No one can want such a terrible situation, our elders no more than us, but yes, again, civil war is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well..”

“…Take action, ladies and gentlemen. This time it is not about custom emotion, ready-made formulas or media coverage. It’s not about extending your terms or winning new ones. It is about the survival of our country, of your country”.

French commentators suggest that both letters reflect the state of the political debate, which has been substantially weakened by the belligerent political parties, deviating from the traditional right and left in search for re-branding with the centre right Republicans plagued by scandals, and the Socialists vanishing after failed Francois Holland presidency. Weakened by economic and social consequences of the sanitary measures President Macron’s party ‘La RĂ©publique En Marche’ (LaREM) leaves sufficient room for the citizens initiatives. If there were active and constructive democratic debates between the main parties represented in the National Assembly, there would be no room for this kind of position on the part of the former military, warning the President about the possibility of the civil war as a result of mass migration.

“A leadership that does not stand behind its most loyal citizens, will eventually be devoured by them. The French Revolution, a strange masterpiece of history, set the stage for all other great democracies of the world and gave the gift of the French culture to the world,” – said Canadian writer Mark Hecht (@HechtWriter).
“To see France’s leadership today, not honour its own traditions and defend them without reservation, is a shattering reminder of that other, less noble, French character–for the elite to grow heads too large for the body.”

Euorparl: Brexit party doesn’t join ENF

Far-right parties’ intentions to create a powerful Eurosceptic bloc in the European Parliament (pciutred) failed when Poland’s ruling nationalists Law and Justice party – and the UK Brexit Party both announced they would not join such a congregation.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of Poland’s conservative ruling party Law and Justice (PiS), ruled out joining a political group along with Italiy’s Lega Salvini, France’s National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen, and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, which won 29 of Britain’s 72 seats in the European Parliament, also said it would not join Marine Le Pens Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group. Britain is due to quit the EU on October 31 but the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will start their work from  July onward, and stay until Brexit takes place.


Fidesz reluctant to join ENF

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party Fidesz is reluctant to join far-right Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group in the European Parliament. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’ and France big winner of the elections Marine Le Pen have launched the group in the European Parliament as the smallest in June 2015, however it has been gradually grown to 36 members. Due to successful elections in 2019-2024 Parliament the ENF group has grown to 58 seats.

“We respect the Italian deputy prime minister and the Italian government and the result, which made the Lega Italy’s strongest party after the European Parliament election,” Minister Gergely Gulyas said.“Nonetheless, I see not much chance for a co-operation on a party level or in a joint parliamentary group”.

Previously Hungary Fidesz made clear it will not support EPP candidate for the European Commission president Manfred Weber after his pejorative remarks “insultingHungarian people.

EPP Manfred Weber said he would rather not be a president of the European Commission “if he needed the Hungarian votes for that.”

(Image: Europarl building, Brussels).

Marine ahead of Macron in EU elections polls

Attracting 22% of the vote Marine Le Pen party RN will be ahead of President Emmanuel Macron’s REM party, an Ipsos poll claims, while forecasting the possible outcome of the upcoming European Parliament elections.

It was the first time Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) – re-branded National Front – overtook Macron’s REM in an Ipsos survey ahead of the EU election this year, although other, daily polls have shown the RN in pole position before.

In France the EU elections will be held on May 26.

Loiseau extreme right activism “episode”

The head of the list of the President of France Emmanuel Macron party (LaRem) to the European elections, Nathalie Loiseau, became a target of the opposition criticism on April 23 after revelations that she engaged in her youth along with extreme right-wing activists.

The former Minister of European Affairs would have appeared in 1984, the time of an election, while she was a student at Sciences-Po Paris, under the label of UED from the Union Defense Group (GUD ), advocating the union of rights, revealed on April 22 the news site Mediapart.

Among the other seven candidates on the list was Christophe Bay, a senior official who reportedly contributed to the Marine Le Pen party (RN) candidate’s program in 2017, says Mediapart.

The candidate for the European elections, which stands against Marine Le Pen, leader of the RN, first denied the facts before replying that she had “completely forgotten this episode“.

Before the revelation of the Mediapart, Loiseau was leading in the polls along with the Socialist Benoit Hamon as favorties for the European elections.


ALERT! Strasbourg perpetrator at large

Strasbourg police asked inhabitants to stay inside, while the operation is ongoing. The perpetrator has been under police surveillance on list S. of radicalised individuals.

In issued press-release police explained the course of events in Strasbourg: “Around 20H, an individual entered the perimeter of the Christmas Market from the side of the birdge Corbeau and took the direction to the street des OrfĂšvres. The individual opened fire, wounding a number of people.

The provisional toll mounts up to 14 persons, among them 2 died, 6 seriously wounded,, and 6 lightly wounded.
“The point of reception of victims is installed at square KlĂ©ber(…
information concerning public transport in town, and lock down  of Neudorf sector…)

The perpetrator is on list S. – under surveillance for radicalisation  of French police. At the moment he is at large. The police operation is ongoing.

Strasbourg police issued an alert, asking citizens for cooperation, to follow police information, and stay inside (at home).

The radical change should come, because politics against terrorism is clearly failing“, tweeted Marine Le Pen in her micro blog, while expressing her condolences to the victims of the attack.

Once again list S for radicalisation! – wrote in his Twitter mico blog Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. –This new tragic attack reminds us about the total war the Islamic terrorists are waging against us. When, finally will we take measures to win it?”


French police have tracked down a gunman who shot 14 people in the center of Strasbourg, reportedly four of them died.

The gunman was identified as a 29-year old man from Strasbourg whose residence had been searched by police earlier in the day in connection with a robbery, two police sources said.

There is no official confirmation, but in French media the gunman is named as Chérif Chekatt.

MEPs pay tribute to Edouard Ferrand

President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani led a minute of silence in honour of Edouard Ferrand, at the opening of the session in Strasbourg.

Mr. Edouard Ferrand (52) passed away on 1st February 2018. Elected in 2014, he was chair of the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group (ENF) and was a member of the Agriculture Committee and the delegation to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee.

“Although I did not share his political opinions or vision of Europe, I will remember him for defending his political position with conviction”, President Tajani said.

On behalf of the European Parliament, the President expressed his condolences to Mr Ferrand’s widow and children, and to all those mourning his passing.

An author, a historian and an expert in political science Mr.Ferrand was a prominent member of Front National party.

Being a friend and a pillar of strength to many,  Mr.Ferrand was defeated by cancer, members of his political family are lamenting his early departure from life.





#Champigny: Lynching of a policewoman in France

The scenes of filmed on smartphone lynching of a policewoman widely spread on social networks, fueled indignation of police agents, and politicians. The incident of an abhorrent violence took place on New Year’s 2018 night during a celebration in a private club in Champigny-sur-Marne, a residential area close to Paris, when two police agents arrived in a car, and were attacked by an angry crowd.

“This society of violence can not continue to exist,” insisted Interior Minister Gerard Collomb on Europe1, calling to break “an infernal mechanics” in “some” neighborhoods. He also ensured that everything would be done to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The position of Minister of Justice was criticised by Front National party, calling for reforming interior and rearming police agents, to give them adequate tools to deal with the widespread violence in France. Marine Le Pen insists on giving to police a legitimate right to self-defence.

In the context of confrontation with the terrorism, leading to ‘ultra-violence’ the self-defence of the policemen should be legitimate: when they are attacked, when their life is in danger, they should know that the Republic and justice are at their side, – says the statement of Front National (FN) party. “Only modification of legislation can give this guarantee” – FN concluded.  Marine Le Pen also criticised the position of the GĂ©rard Collomb as “outdated leftist” approach to the problem that needs profound reforms, and determination.

The video roaming in French social media with a short introduction of a shocked commentator.

The public outrage reached  l’ElysĂ©e Palace, and President Emmanuel Macron expressed his support to police in a Tweet, ensuring that the culprits will not escape justice.

WARNING: disturbing graphic!

The video roaming in social media,  depicting lynching of a policewoman in #Champigny


Le Pen elected to National Assembly

Front National leader Marine Le Pen has won her first French parliamentary seat in a vote that was dominated by President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist movement En Marche! Le Pen addressed her political family and electorate immediately after the announcement of the results.

Le Pen wowed to protect the interests of regular French citizens: “in front of the bloc, representing the interests of the oligarchies, we are the only force of resistance”, said Le Pen in her address.


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