Farage invites Orban to join EU Exit Club

Anna van Densky, Brussels,  European Parliament.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban faces the fury of Brussels for rejection of the EU resettlement plan of the flows of migrants (in the version of the Commission just a thousand ‘refugees’), and coping of the US transparency rules for foreign NGO. In a debate with the Members of the European Parliament Orban had hardly a chance to be heard at the face of pressure from the major EU political groups, imposing their migrant policy on Hungarian people in spite of the referendum  rejecting the ‘open doors’.

The entire debate with a few exceptions was devoted to the castigating of Orban’s government, and him personally for declining to obey to the EU concept of welcoming the illegal migrants.

Not a minor place took the debate on the Central European University funded by the US financial wizard and philanthropist George Soros. MEPs have criticized Orban for rejecting the Hungarian youth to have the same chance he had, profiting from Soros grant to study in Oxford. According to the Hungarian side it is not about closure of the University, but making its activities more transparent, Orban underlined that in many of the EU member states the foreign-funded universities are banned. There are no Soros-funded universities in France and Germany, the EU founding members, and  the rules on functioning of foreign educational establishment in the EU on average are more strict than the current transparency laws touching all the Hungarian Universities, including Soros one.

In response  Orban had to remind that the Hungarian government ‘observes Schengen Treaty’, protecting its borders from illegal migrants, and thus protecting Germany, Austria and Sweden, the member-states the illegal migrant are targeting as their destinations. The entire situation, according to Orban, is in contradiction with the Schengen Treaty, prescribing the migrants to stay in the first safe country, but not chosing a one up to their taste.

Orban aslo blamed his opponents an attempt to ‘slice up European People’s Party as salami’ while provoking  an argument. He pointed to the other EU countries for not following  the migrants resettlement plans, although they are not so vocal about it as Hungary is: “They (the EU member-states) do not object, but they do not implement these relocation plans.”

Orban also rebuffed the accusation of profiting from the EU cohesion funds, insisting that those who invest in Hungary enjoy profit: “This money is not a gift to us, those who provide funds enjoy income”.

However ‘thankful’ to MEP Nigel Farage for a proposal to join the “Exit Club” Orban said to @BrusselsDiplomatic “Hungary is not an island, like the UK, and its density lies within the European continent. 70% of the population supports the EU, making our nation one of the most eurocentric on the continent.”



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