Hollande: ‘Ode to Europe’

The incumbent President of France Francois Hollande took an opportunity to call the votes to give their ballots to the centrist Emmanuel Macron, the former Finance minister of his government. Hollande ensured international press in the European engagement of Macron, and warned against abstention, which can serve to advantage to his contestant Marine Le Pen.

Hollande reminded French audiences that the EU is a profoundly French project, and leaving the EU would inevitably influence France beyond economic issues. “It will not be the same France any more…” – Holland concluded, ensuring that the majority of his compatriots are profoundly pro-European.


Hollande said he has ‘no regrets’, but a few disappointments, however, there he assessed his own actions within the EU project as positive, being content to keeping Greece in Eurozone, and enhancing the Normandy format among the others. Altogether he considered himself Eurocentric concluding that he always chanted ‘The Ode To Europe”.


In spite of being in good humor, and attempting to look optimistic beyond the current presidential elections with far-right rapidly rising through ranks, objectively Holland did not leave any legacy, reducing his successor fellow Socialist to 6,36%  votes at the first round of French presidential elections, subsequently leaving the #EU27 project on the brink. In case ascending power Marine Le Pen promised #Frexit referendum in six month. (Anna van Densky from the European Council, Brussels)


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