Brexit ‘divorce’ – EU27 taking UK to cleaners


Anna van Densky, OPINION

The special #Brexit Summit, officially called the ‘adoption of the guidelines’ following the UK notification under Article 50 to leave the European project, revealed the great appetite of the #EU27 to enjoy the UK contribution beyond the official departure date.

If the Lisbon Treaty forsees the two-year period after the notification to settle the administrative and financial issues,  it looks the EU27 decided to set the goal of obtaining the UK payments until the end of the budgetary seven-year period, receiving the UK fee within the multiannual financial framework 2014-2020. The logic difficult to explain within the range of legal practices of international organisations, but rather understandable within the profane concept of ‘divorce’ put forward by Brussels to justify their claims of ‘alimony,’ starring as a betrayed tearful spouse.

Leaving apart the outdated mentality of ‘alimony’ in the 21 century, and without rising a question of dignity,  one can wonder the strength of conviction of the #EU27 attempting to survive on contribution of the British tax-payer, who doubtlessly turned his back on the European bureaucrates.

Nowadays in the EU27 there is a total absence of the discussion on filling the gap in the budget after the second net contributor has left, there is not debate on the financial strategy beyond Brexit, – just a tremendous drive on getting a maximum ‘recovery of contractual sanction’ from the Eurocentric Brittons. Logically it would be more contributing to the EU27 to rise the fees from member-states to continue on ‘Euro enthusiasts’ rather, than on ‘pillage’ of the Eurosceptics.

Lamentably the entrepreneurial Eurocrates have no sense of moral damages from exposing the weakness of the #EU27 surviving on ‘sanction’ from the Euosceptics, undermining the faith in sustainability of the project as such. The organisation that hopes to overcome the crisis of confidence of the citizens, obtaining the budget from the fleeing Eurosceptics, and taking the UK government to the cleaners?..

Ignis aurum probate, miseria fortes viros  (Fire tests gold, misfortune tests brave)

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