Russia blames Kiev a sabotage of Minsk peace deal

Russian Federation sees a growing number of attempts by Kiev to torpedo the Minsk peace agreements, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said during the Fort Ross Dialogue forum on Tuesday, on 30th of May, 2017.

“We see a growing and increasing sabotage by the Ukrainian political leadership in regard to implementing the Minsk agreements,” Ryabkov said. “We cannot ensure the efficiency of this process for another party.”

According to the diplomat, the February 2015 Minsk agreements “have become a sacred utterance that our colleagues, namely participants of the G7, repeat at the level of political instincts and reflexes.”

“If someone wanted to achieve the Minsk accords’ implementation, they should have sent signals to the authorities in Kiev,” he stressed. “They (the G7 members) must redirect all these new ‘sanction mantras’ to themselves, as this has no significance to us and is utterly misdirected.”



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