Little Mermaid for banning Faroe whales massacre

The famous Little Mermaid sculpture was chosen as a messenger to protect Faroe whales from annual massacre.

A whale defender painted Little Mermaid red, symbolising blood of whales killed by Faroe Islands inhabitants,  to attract the attention to the issue in Denmark, and internationally.


The famous Little Mermaid statue became vandalised with paint and under the sculpture the message in English explained the intention of the act, reportedly the call for whale protection against the cruel practice: “Denmark defend the whales of the Faroe Islands.”



The whales hunting in the waters of Faroe Islands remains one of the most barbaric traditions in modern Europe in spite of the continues efforts of the lovers of nature and broader  pubic to ban it. Although the  Europeans are massively opposing the cruelty of the entertainment of stabbing whales to death in warm shallow waters off the Faroe, Danish authorities has done nothing to stop the mass murder of animals so far.


The issue of Faroe whales massacre is becoming increasingly sensitive across Europe, suffering from the barbarism of the jihad – another old tradition glorifying the murder.

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