Verhofstadt for investigation of refoulement of Turkish migrants


Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Liberal group in the European Parliament, has urged European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos to investigate allegations of refoulement of Turkish asylum seekers from Greece to Turkey.

According to the Hellenic League for Human Rights (HLHR), Turkish citizens have crossed the Evros river on the border between Greece and Turkey, asking for Greek authorities to be allowed to apply for asylum. However, they were cases detained by Greek police forces and returned back to Turkey where they were immediately imprisoned, facing political persecution. The are two cases refered to by the Hellenic League.


The  request of Verhofstadt is announced in a wake of the European Commission warning on the 6th of June to the Vicegrad4 group it could apply sanctions to member states that don’t follow EU quota rules for asylum seekers by opening infringement proceedings against them as early as next week.

The reaction came after the Czech Republic firmly stated for security reasons they would not take in more migrants.

Previously the EU ministers approved by qualified majority a plan to relocate 120,000 refugees, but as follow of the terroristic acts committed by migrants and refugees the Visegrád4  – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – changed their policies.

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