Brexit blurred in elections outcome

As a result of snap elections aimed to reinforce the position of  Prime Minister Theresa May in Brexit negotiation, the Conservatives won 313 seats out of 650 seats declared, unable to reach the 326-mark they need to command a parliamentary majority. Labour had won 260 seats.

Prime Minister Theresa May was aiming to hold on and reinforce her position, while British voters altered her plans, denying her the stronger mandate she had pledged to conduct Brexit talks. As a result of the snap elections May came out with the weakened position in the Parliament, thus no desired strength in Brexit talks, which run high risk to end without any final deal.

With no clear winner emerging from the election, a considerably weakened May confirmed her interest to continue to  lead conservatives, despite losing her majority in the House of Commons. Her rival Jeremy Corbyn insists May should step down.

With Britain’s departure from the European Union talks upholding in 10 days’ time, it is unclear who would form the next government.

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