Anti-corruption protestors jailed in Russia

A Russian court has sentenced opposition leader, and anti-corruption fighter Aleksei Navalny (pictured) to 30 days in jail for staging unsanctioned rallies at which an estimated 1 500 anticorruption protesters were detained.

The judge at the Simonovsky district court ruled early on June 13 that Navalny, who was detained outside his home in an outlying Moscow neighborhood on June 12 before the rallies started, repeatedly violated the law against unauthorized public gatherings.

Navalny supporters were detained by Russian riot police at rallies in Moscow, St. Petersburg (the majority of arrests), Vladivostok, Blagoveshchensk, and Kazan on the Day of National holiday the 12th of June.

Rights watchdog Amnesty International issued a statement on the crackdown “demonstrates the authorities’ utter contempt for fundamental human rights,” while the United States called on Russia to release the demonstrators, saying their detention was “an affront to core democratic values.”

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