Europarliament addresses terrorism

Members of the European Parliament approved setting up a 12-month special committee to address the practical and legislative deficiencies in the fight against terrorism across the EU.


The special committee will examine and evaluate the extent of the terrorist threat on European soil and look into any potential faults and malfunctions which might have allowed recent terrorist attacks in member states to occur .

The committee is in particular charged with looking into:

  • the implementation of existing measures in the field of external border management
  • deficiencies in sharing judicial, law enforcement and intelligence information among member states
  • the interoperability of European information-sharing databases
  • the impact of EU anti-terror laws on fundamental rights
  • radicalisation and the effectiveness of de-radicalisation programmes
  • money laundering and terrorism financing, including its links to organised crime
  • best practice with regard to the protection of soft targets and critical infrastructure, such as airports and train stations

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