Macron declares fight against terrorism as a priority

President Macron confirmed that the fight against “Islamic terrorism” is the priority of his foreign policy, announcing the news at a conference dedicated to the fight against the financing of terrorism.
Speaking in front of 170 ambassadors of France at the meeting in Paris, the head of state considered that the security of the French citizens was the “raison d’être” of French diplomacy.
“Ensuring the safety of our fellow citizens makes the fight against Islamist terrorism the top priority of our foreign policy,” he said. “Yes, I am talking about Islamist terrorism and I assume (the responsibility-ED) using of this adjective.”
“Angelism is not a appropriate in this respect,” he added, underlining that he warned against a “general suspicion” about the “millions of Muslims who live in Europe and have nothing to do with these fanatical doctrines “.
France has been struck for two years by a series of attacks, and is currently engaged militarily in the fight against jihadist groups, in Sahel-Saharan; in Libya and on the Iraqi-Syrian front, Emmanuel Macron reminded.
“Yes, Daesh is our enemy, the establishing of peace and stabilization of Iraq and then Syria are a vital priorities for France,” he said.

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