Merkel supports EU lawsuit against Poland

Germany’s enters alongside France into a battle between the European Commission and Poland over the rule of law increasing the probability of unprecedented EU action to punish Warsaw.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week by criticized Poland’s governing Law and Justice (PiS) party, showing the European Union’s executive has the firm support of its most influential member.

Poland risks a reprimand under procedures of Article 7 that have never been used before and would deal a heavy blow to its prestige, causing its isolation in the bloc and diminishing its ability to influence EU policies.

“As much as I wish for good relations with Poland — they are our neighbor and I will always strive for this given the importance of our ties — we can’t simply keep our mouth shut in order to keep the peace,” Merkel said in Berlin. “This goes to the very foundations of our cooperation within the European Union” she added.

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