A released Russian activist escapes in Prague

A Russian activist Ivan Nepomnyashchy (Nepomnyashchikh), convicted for 2.5 years in framework of ‘Bolotnaya’ trials and released from the colony in late August,  left Russia, according to Russian media. On September 7 Ivan flew to Prague, and later plans to move to the USA to study.
An engineer and activist, Ivan (33), is one of involved in a large-scale case in aftermath of the events at the Bolotnaya square of Moscow on May 6, 2012. He was accused of involvement in mass riots and the use of violence against a policeman and was convicted in December 2015.

The case of activists accused of clashing with riot police during a rally against Vladimir Putin permanent rule has been  dubbed a political show by Kremlin critics.

The “Bolotnaya case”, which takes its name from the square in central Moscow where the clashes took place, has drawn stinging criticism from local rights groups, which accuse Putin of crushing dissent since returning for a third term as president.

“We have been discussing with Ivan, even when he was serving his sentence, this option,” said his lawyer Irina Biryukova,  describing the motives of the activists to leave Russia.  “The last three days have been like penal servitude. Constantly in touch, almost every step discussed. From the moment of arrival at the airport before departure, we were always in touch. “
Earlier it was reported that on April 24 Ivan and the other two prisoners were beaten while transferring to jail for disobedience to the staff of the colony. Two days later, the authorities recognized the use of force, but denied the beating.
After this incident, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ordered Russia to conduct a medical examination of the convict. The commission of local doctors inspected Ivan and found no injuries, but human rights activists told that the doctors had carried out a ‘strange’ physical examination without looking at the convict’s feet, severely damaged.
The term of Ivan stay in prison was prolonged several times. He left there in May and a month later got there again. On June 16, the term of stay in the punishment cell was extended one more time.
On December 24, 2015, the human rights center Memorial recognized Ivan as a political prisoner.
On May 6, 2012 during a sanctioned rally there were clashes of demonstrators and policemen. In the case of mass riots, a total of 35 people were held, about 20 of them were convicted and had already served their sentence.

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