Europe reacts upon German elections results

The EU politicians react upon the results of German elections.

Leader of the ALDE group Guy Verhofstadt  congratulated the FDP after their strong results in the German elections.

Tonight, the German Liberals celebrate a major comeback. After years in the wilderness, the FDP is now back. A positive trend started over a year ago, as a reaction to the rise of populist and nationalist parties. Now, they have succeeded at the expense of the two big parties” – Verhofstadt said.

“This is another liberal success in Europe after pro-European forces won in the Netherlands and France this year. I hope that Mrs Merkel will form a pro-European government now that will push for the reforms the EU urgently needs.

The European Parliament’s Vice President and head of the FDP delegation Alexander Graf Lambsdorff added: “The past four years were like a long walk through the desert. Despite these difficult times, we always stood by our liberal values and beliefs and remained an open-minded, pro-European party.”

“The return to the Bundestag is a historic moment for the FDP and the result of hard work, intense debates and a new political culture in our party. We now want to shape European politics in times when the EU is facing a multitude of challenges.”

There is no unity in reactions upon the steep raise of AfD party to the Bundestag ranks, however it makes feel uncomfortable those of opposing views, fearing its growing influence on electorate.

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