Basques: Rajoy sets “dangerous precedent”

The Catalonia crisis is rapidly spreading to the other regions of Spain, concerned by their future after Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy decision to apply Article 155, and return freedom-aspiring Catalans to direct rule of Madrid.

Spain’s central government confirmed it would apply law to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy after the regional leader failed signed and suspended an independence declaration. Rajoy’s government proposed a package of measures that could strip Catalonia of some powers and officially trigger Article 155 of the constitution if approved by the Sénat.

While it has never been invoked before, Article 155 refers to the section within Spain’s constitution that says any largely autonomous community must fulfil its obligations to the Spanish state, or else it risks having its powers taken away. Reportedly,  Madrid has intention to pursue Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, and vice-president Oriol Junqueras while the other 180 high-ranking civil servants to continue to function. Also instructions were issued for Catalan representations abroad to avoid any kind of “propaganda,” and focus on their administrative tasks.


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