Catalans prepare response to Madrid

According to Catalan News the Declaration of independence is back for consideration after Spain’s Prime minister Mariano Rajoy has rejected a dialogue on the outcome of the referendum #1oct. Almost a month later there is no clarity on Catalonia status, or any attempt from Catalan leaders to define it, in hope to establish a constructive exchange on a future framework of relation with Madrid in view of the referendum results.

However, according to Rajoy the dialogue on the subject of independence is not foreseen in the Constitution of Kingdom of Spain, and as a Prime minister he has no mandate to launch any consultations on the subject.

At present president Carles Puigdemont insists on the leading role of Catalan parliament in defining further steps towards Madrid and status of Catalonia.

 Catalonia’s parliament is debating the independence issue at eve of Spain’s Senate vote on Article 155 to take the region under direct control, and stripping  president Puigdemont of his powers.

Tomorrow the Senate in Madrid is expected to approve request of the government to activate Article 155 of the constitution.

Large crowds gathered outside the regional government in Barcelona, ahead much-anticipated declaration on independence coming into force.



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