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Borrell travels to Washington D.C.

Brussels 06.02.2022 The EU top diplomat Josep Borrell will travel to Washington, DC, on 7-8 February, according to the announcement of the European External Action Service.

On 7 February Borrell will hold a bilateral meeting with US Secretary of State Blinken to discuss pressing issues on the international agenda to reconfirm the strength of the transatlantic partnership at a crucial moment for global diplomacy.

The EU top diplomat will then co chair alongside EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson the EU-US Energy Council from the EU side and with Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, on the US side.

The EU-US Energy Council will be crucial to take forward cooperation on energy security and on the joint commitment to accelerate a just and clean energy transition to climate neutrality for citizens of the EU, the United States, and around the globe. The event comes at a pivotal moment for addressing energy supply to address the availability of natural gas and volatile prices.

On 8 February, Borrell will speak at the inaugural event of the Jean Monnet Conversations series, co-organised by the EU Delegation, the French Embassy and The Atlantic.

Further the chief of the EU diplomacy is also due to meet with Members of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Catalans prepare response to Madrid

According to Catalan News the Declaration of independence is back for consideration after Spain’s Prime minister Mariano Rajoy has rejected a dialogue on the outcome of the referendum #1oct. Almost a month later there is no clarity on Catalonia status, or any attempt from Catalan leaders to define it, in hope to establish a constructive exchange on a future framework of relation with Madrid in view of the referendum results.

However, according to Rajoy the dialogue on the subject of independence is not foreseen in the Constitution of Kingdom of Spain, and as a Prime minister he has no mandate to launch any consultations on the subject.


At present president Carles Puigdemont insists on the leading role of Catalan parliament in defining further steps towards Madrid and status of Catalonia.

 Catalonia’s parliament is debating the independence issue at eve of Spain’s Senate vote on Article 155 to take the region under direct control, and stripping  president Puigdemont of his powers.

Tomorrow the Senate in Madrid is expected to approve request of the government to activate Article 155 of the constitution.

Large crowds gathered outside the regional government in Barcelona, ahead much-anticipated declaration on independence coming into force.



Puigdemont visit to Madrid cancelled

Contradictory information circulates around a possible Catalan independence leader Carles Puigdemont visit to Madrid on Thursday, October 26, to explain his position on independence to the SĂ©nate, and try to stop the national government imposing direct control on the region. However the latest statements suggest president Carles Puigdemont cancelled his visit.

Initially the timing of Puigdemont’s  before the Senate suggests he agrees to keep on halt formal declaration of independence, and call snap regional election on Thursday, as many analysts had expected. He could still undertake both movements on Friday, anticipating the Senate stripping him of his powers and imposing direct rule from Madrid.

However during possible Madrid visit there are also high risks of a clash between president Puigdemont and  Prime Minister Rajoy who is vehemently opposing the independence for Catalonia, subsequently making  the outcome of the meeting in Sénate unpredictable.

There is general concern over security risk for Puigdemont, who was threatened to end as Catalan president of Llyis Companis, who was executed along with many other victims of Franco dictatorship, later the statement was corrected explaining that Puigdemont faces 30 years in jail for his political activity, leading to secession of Catalonia.

Catalan political crisis, Spain’s worst since democracy was restored four decades ago, has shifted towards a prospect of civil disobedience and obstruction if Madrid pursues direct control of Catalonia, after the Senate approves the proposal of the government to invoke article 155 of Constitution. The next few days are seen as crucial for development of Catalan crisis either direction: towards a compromise, or to declaration of an independence, much desired by majority of Catalans.

Senate votes to keep anti-Russian sanctions

The Senate is expected to pass the Iran and Russia sanctions bill as soon as this week. Absent an agreement, the Senate will take another procedural vote on the legislation on Thursday morning.

Senators voted 97-2 to assemble the deal with an Iran sanctions bill currently being debated on the Senate floor. Republican Sens. Rand Paul  and Mike Lee were the only senators to vote against including new Russia penalties in the legislation.