Puigdemont visit to Madrid cancelled

Contradictory information circulates around a possible Catalan independence leader Carles Puigdemont visit to Madrid on Thursday, October 26, to explain his position on independence to the Sénate, and try to stop the national government imposing direct control on the region. However the latest statements suggest president Carles Puigdemont cancelled his visit.

Initially the timing of Puigdemont’s  before the Senate suggests he agrees to keep on halt formal declaration of independence, and call snap regional election on Thursday, as many analysts had expected. He could still undertake both movements on Friday, anticipating the Senate stripping him of his powers and imposing direct rule from Madrid.

However during possible Madrid visit there are also high risks of a clash between president Puigdemont and  Prime Minister Rajoy who is vehemently opposing the independence for Catalonia, subsequently making  the outcome of the meeting in Sénate unpredictable.

There is general concern over security risk for Puigdemont, who was threatened to end as Catalan president of Llyis Companis, who was executed along with many other victims of Franco dictatorship, later the statement was corrected explaining that Puigdemont faces 30 years in jail for his political activity, leading to secession of Catalonia.

Catalan political crisis, Spain’s worst since democracy was restored four decades ago, has shifted towards a prospect of civil disobedience and obstruction if Madrid pursues direct control of Catalonia, after the Senate approves the proposal of the government to invoke article 155 of Constitution. The next few days are seen as crucial for development of Catalan crisis either direction: towards a compromise, or to declaration of an independence, much desired by majority of Catalans.

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