Europarl endorses ‘smart borders’

MEPs voted today on the proposal for a regulation establishing a reliable new Entry/Exit System (EES) to the European Union. The new ‘smart borders‘ system will help to speed up border check delays and to improve the thoroughness of border checks for third country nationals, reinforcing internal security and the fight against terrorism and serious crime.

“If we want to keep the Schengen zone alive, it is important that we ensure that our common European borders are managed”, – Guy Verhofstadt, Leader of the Group of Liberals and Democrats welcomed the outcome of the vote.  “The Entry-Exit System is an important pillar in the management of our external border. Instead of 28 individual systems, we go to a single system. I am happy that the three institutions have worked together to make this happen.”


“I see the Entry Exit System as an important and truly European project aimed at strengthening the security at our borders and ensuring systematic and reliable identification of over-stayers”, – Angelika Mlinar, ALDE’s shadow rapporteur of the file added.

“This legislation has a big impact on the fundamental rights of third country nationals travelling to Europe, especially when it comes to the  data retention period. As a liberal group and as legislators, we have to make sure that the fundamental rights are respected.”

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